The EKARRIH2 project was presented at the Hydrogen Sector Forum of the Basque Energy Cluster Association (ACE)

Nov 3, 2022 | Activities

On 27th October, Ekain Fernandez from TECNALIA presented the EKARRIH2 project at the Hydrogen Sector Forum organised by ACE.

ACE’s Hydrogen Sector Forum (27/10/2022)

On Thursday, 27th October, the ACE’s Hydrogen Sector Forum was held at the Euskalduna Conference Centre. Ekain Fernandez, from TECNALIA, had the opportunity to present the ELKARTEK EKARRIH2 project to companies in the Basque hydrogen value chain. During the presentation, he explained the relevance of the project, as well as its objectives and results expected. Finally, he encouraged companies to join the project’s Advisory Board.