The Basque Energy Cluster presented the EKARRIH2 initiative at the Speakers’ Corner of the H2 Expo & Conference as part of the Wind Energy Hamburg 2022 trade fair.

Oct 6, 2022 | Activities

On 29th September, Jone Irigoyen from ACE presented the EKARRIH2 project as part of the official programme of Wind Energy Hamburg 2022.


On Thursday, 29th September, Jone Irigoyen, ACE’s hydrogen project engineer, highlighted the Basque Country‚Äôs technological and industrial strength in the hydrogen sector, which is reflected in a value chain, in which the scientific and technological capabilities play a major role to boost training, R&D and Innovation as well as industrial development. This will position the Basque Country as a technology exporter on a continuously growing R&D market.

The EKARRIH2 project, led by TECNALIA, was presented during a speech focused on hydrogen initiatives in the Basque Country. Jone explained how the EKARRIH2 initiative aims to develop advanced liquid hydrogen carriers and associated hydrogenation and dehydrogenation technologies to transport large quantities of hydrogen over long distances in an economically viable way.